Are you a distributor or do you want to have our organic products in your store?

The Biocomercio brand is present in Spain in specialized organic product stores that offer an authentic customer experience. At Biocomercio we dedicate all our efforts to offering 100% organic nuts and constantly innovating with new flavors and preparations. If you have a store or you are a distributor and you want to know our variety of organic nuts, preparations and formats available to market our products, please fill out the form.

Brand specialized in organic dried fruit.

The Biocomercio brand is associated with people who have a healthy lifestyle who defend a varied diet with quality organic products to complement their diet and contribute to improving the environment around us.

100% organic products.

We cultivate, care for and select the best raw material as the main value of Biocommerce. We are aware of the quality and flavor offered by 100% organic products and the commitment we have to offer rich, tasty and natural products.

Variety of flavors.

Taste is key to enjoying our organic products. Our search to innovate and offer new irresistible flavors has led us to develop unique products on the market.

Own projects.

At Biocomercio, we not only pack for the end customer, we have large-scale direct sales for distributors and wholesalers who want to transform and pack our products.

We distribute our products internationally under strict quality controls and backed by international certificates.