Get to know our ecological farms located in the Valencian Community, within the province of Alicante.

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Terrain characteristics.

The Mediterranean climate, the peculiarities of the land and our organic farming philosophy are the basis for cultivating and selecting the best raw material.

Thanks to the conditions of the land, which is characterized by an abundant amount of land and a humid climate, ideal for growing almonds, and the ecological and sustainable farming techniques, we ensure that the fruit of each tree is in its optimal state. at the time of collection and is of the highest quality, as well as 100% respectful of the environment.

Why our products are ecological?

Our commitment to recover and develop sustainable organic farming with our natural environment consists of:

- Respect the natural ecosystem created by bee pollination and have self-fertile and late-flowering varieties.
- Use late-flowering varieties that adapt much better to the Mediterranean climate and thus reach the optimal point of ripening of each variety to obtain a fruit of the best quality.
- Care for and treat the soil with organic products only.

Since our inception, our main objective has been to develop projects with local farmers and cooperatives in the area to promote organic production.

At Biocomercio we work ecological raw materials for subsequent processing and packaging. We try whenever possible that the origin of our raw materials be close. However, we have the support of European farmers and non-Europeans who have their own projects and are experts in the production and marketing of organic products through certificates that guarantee the traceability and veracity of offering products 100% ecological. When this is not possible, we have suppliers of maximum confidence that they have direct projects with producers. For all this we can offer 100% ecological products, respectful with the environment, trade fair and of the highest quality.

Currently, our enthusiasm for recovering the cultivation of seeds of different varieties of almonds native to the area to guarantee rural development, together with our dedication to promoting traditional organic farming in the region offers us the opportunity to continue caring for our environment, support farmers and encourage the consumption of quality organic products to improve the quality of life of the person through a healthy diet.