cookie is a small text file that is stored in your browser when you visit almost any web page. Its usefulness is that the web is able to remember your visit when you return to browse that page. 

The cookies They usually store information of a technical nature, personal preferences, content personalization, usage statistics, links to social networks, access to user accounts, etc. The goal of cookie is to adapt the content of the website to your profile and needs, without cookies the services offered by any page would be significantly reduced. 

If you want more information about what are the cookies, what they store, how to delete them, deactivate them, etc., please refer to this link. 

General information about the types of cookies that we can find on the website:

  1. "Analytical" cookies: These are used to collect statistical information about the activity carried out on the web. They can be managed by the website itself or by third parties. These statistics will be used to guarantee the best service to the user or client and to optimize the functionality of the web. The information collected is always anonymous and therefore does not refer to any personal data that allows the user to be identified.
  2. Cookies for "internal" use: They are managed by the website and are used to manage the access of the user or client to certain sections or areas, and/or the maintenance of the session of the user or client while browsing the website. . These types of cookies are essential for correct communication with the website, therefore their deactivation will prevent access or the correct functioning of the same.
  3. Cookies for "social networks": Those used to make it easier for users or clients to publish web content on their social profile, or share them with their friends or followers. They are managed by the corresponding social network and the website does not have access to the data of the user or client in said social network.
  4. Cookies of modules or external content complements: Managed by third parties, they are those used to display or use certain modules or complements included in the web but offered by third parties. An example may be the use of Google Maps to offer the location of the company's location.
  5. Cookies for managing advertising spaces: Those used to manage advertising spaces on the web. They can be owned by the website or by third parties, by advertising companies that manage the ads and advertising displayed on the web. The deactivation of this type of cookies may lead to the display of non-personalized advertising or prevent access or the correct functioning of the website and some of its services.
  6. Other types of cookies:
    1. Web Brands/Web Beacons/Web Bugs: With a very similar operation to cookies, but they are graphic files instead of being text files and they do not have an expiration date. They are used, for example, to count the users who access a website. Like cookies, they do not collect or provide any type of personal data of the user.

Cookies used on this website

Following the guidelines of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection and complying with current legislative regulations, we proceed to detail the use of cookies , incorporating its degree of intrusiveness, which this website does in order to inform you as accurately as possible.

To ensure a better understanding of the information by the user or client, the levels of intrusiveness that cookies may have are described first, from lower to higher degree.

Levels or degrees of intrusiveness:

Level 1: essential cookies for internal use to provide the service requested by the user or client and inherent to the service provided. (Nothing intrusive, lower level).

Level 2: cookies for internal use necessary to analyze the activity carried out on the web and that allow content and navigation to be managed, as well as those cookies managed by third parties and linked to external content modules or complements offered by the web. Also included in this level is the use of Social Plugins, as they correspond to services expressly requested by the user. Some examples of level 2 cookies are: analytical cookies, those used in Google Map, social networks...). (Minimally intrusive).

Level 3: these are cookies managed by third parties, and therefore their monitoring and control is not offered by the owner of the website. They are used to offer services on the web although not expressly requested by the user. For example, those used for the personalization of advertising spaces. (Moderately intrusive).

Cookies of the website

cookie name Utilization Duration
_Brochure_session It is used in connection with browsing the site. -
checkout It is used in connection with payment in 3 weeks
signed_in It is used in connection with the login to the store. 1 year
user It is used in connection with the login to the store. 1 year


This website uses the following third party cookies:

cookie name Owner Utilization Duration intrusiveness
_ga Google It is used to distinguish users. 2 years Level 2
_gid Google It is used to distinguish users. 24 hours Level 2
_gat Google It is used to limit the percentage of requests. If Google Analytics has been implemented using Google Tag Manager, this cookie will be called _dc_gtm_. 1 minute Level 2
AMP_TOKEN Google Includes a token that can be used to retrieve a client ID from AMP's Client ID service. Other possible values indicate disablements, requests in progress, or errors obtained while retrieving an ID from the AMP Client ID service. 30 seconds to 1 year Level 2
_gac_ Google It includes campaign information related to the user. If you have linked your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts, Google Ads website conversion tags will read this cookie unless you disable it. More information 90 days Level 2
  • Google Analytics: Stores cookies to be able to compile statistics on the traffic and volume of visits to this website. By using this website you are consenting to the processing of information about you by Google. Therefore, the exercise of any right in this regard must be done by communicating directly with Google.
  • Social networks: Each social network uses its own cookies so that you can click on buttons of the type I like O Share.

Deactivation or elimination of cookies

At any time you can exercise your right to disable or delete cookies from this website. These actions are performed differently depending on the browser you are using

Additional notes

  • Neither this website nor its legal representatives are responsible for the content or the veracity of the privacy policies that third parties mentioned in this privacy policy may have. cookies.
  • Web browsers are the tools in charge of storing the cookies and from this place you must carry out your right to eliminate or deactivate them. Neither this website nor its legal representatives can guarantee the correct or incorrect handling of the cookies by the aforementioned browsers.
  • In some cases it is necessary to install cookies so that the browser does not forget your decision not to accept them.
  • In the case of cookies of Google Analytics, this company stores the cookies on servers located in the United States and agrees not to share it with third parties, except in cases where it is necessary for the operation of the system or when required by law to do so. According to Google, it does not store your IP address. Google Inc. is a company adhering to the Safe Harbor Agreement that guarantees that all transferred data will be treated with a level of protection in accordance with European regulations.
  • If you want information about the use that Google gives to cookies we attach this link:
  • For any questions or queries about this privacy policy cookies Do not hesitate to contact us through the contact section.

Server logs (log files):

The servers that offer the user or client access to the web automatically record all requests for web pages that are made by both users or clients and by search engines or robots, storing them in files called logs. . These files are records of the activity of visit requests received by the server, in them personal information of the user is never stored, and may contain IP addresses, browser type, language, viewing dates, operating system, pages of origin and destination, and page navigation data. The data stored in these files are used for the administration of the web, to obtain general statistics and to adapt the contents.


The partial or total elimination or blocking of cookies by the user or client may mean a partial or total decrease in the functionalities offered by the website.

The company reserves the right to modify the information present in the cookie policy at any time, always in accordance with current Spanish legislation, but without the need to previously notify the user or client, who in any case is responsible for reviewing it as prerequisite to access and/or use or enjoyment of the content, services and/or products available on the web.

If you have any questions or queries about the conditions of cookies and/or information offered, the user or client may contact the website through our contact page.